• Psychology outside the head.

    Psychology outside the head.

    Psychological processes—perception, cognition, emotion, motivation—are inextricably linked to the social worlds we inhabit. Psychology exists both in the head and in the world, and is most productively analyzed at this intersection.

  • Making and remaking race.

    Making and remaking race.

    Mere discussions of race and racial issues in the lay and scientific media may have nontrivial consequences for intergroup relations in our communities. Simply talking about race in a way that focuses primarily on biological determinants of racial categories may fundamentally change the ways that people encounter each other in ...

  • Race, ethnicity, and culture matter.

    Race, ethnicity, and culture matter.

    From a juror deciding whether or not to support sentencing a defendant to death, to seeing one’s college decision as a matter of personal choice or collective preference, race, ethnicity, and culture are at work. They shape our experiences from the everyday to the most consequential.

  • You can’t be a self by yourself.

    You can't be a self by yourself.

    People are not bounded, stable, autonomous entities but are instead social entities, made up of and constituted by relations with other people and by the ideas and practices that are prevalent in their social environments. (Markus, 2008)

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